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It ensures that the data to be used in all application, service, platform and infrastructure layers of the institution are created and managed in accordance with the specified standard, and aims to increase the integration capabilities by creating a terminology union.

For this purpose, ISO11179 standard, which is determined as the Data Dictionary standard, is complied with and it is aimed to ensure integrity.

Data Dictionary is not a database keeping tool!

Why Data Dictionary?

Today, all Institutions / Organizations use information systems that generate, collect and share data with other systems in order to manage their services and corporate processes. However, most of the time, there is no standard for the types of data that institutions have.

Issues such as how data will be stored and what it will mean are up to the software developers' initiative. As a result, both institutional memory cannot be created and there are problems in data sharing and integration between systems.

Compliance of data produced by applications / systems in institutions with the Data Dictionary;

  • To make the corporate memory independent from individuals by defining and storing data ina central location,​

  • Providing fast and secure access to data,

  • Increase in data quality,

  • Making data analysis easier and more efficient,

  • Ensuring consistency in data usage,

  • It ensures that unnecessary data definitions are reduced or eliminated.

For the need for Data Dictionary that occurs in institutions and organizations, ISO11179 standards Data Dictionary developed by BiSoft aims to eliminate all the aforementioned deficiencies.

With the Data Dictionary:


• Versioning

• Detailed Viewing and Editing

• Detailed Logging and Authorization

• Creating a Catalog

• You can have Automatic Dictionary Features.

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