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Most reliable, secure, high performance and dynamic projects using various open source platforms.

Open Source Consulting Services

BiSoft has extensive experience in large-scale open source software for local and global customers. We have successfully developed the most reliable, robust, high-performance and dynamic projects using various open source platforms.

We provide end-to-end Open Source Consulting Services including development, installation, integration, source implementation, customizations, migration and training as well as maintenance. Our Open Source platform expertise includes platforms such as Hadoop, NGINX, Apache Spark, Apache Drill, Debezium, Gitlap, MQTT, RabbitMq, Redis-white, Solr.


Our experts are focused on providing solutions and services that offer a high level of consistency in quality and performance by choosing the right technology platform. BiSoft has managed to diversify its portfolio by adding multiple skill sets.

Our Open Source Consulting is based on an analytical approach to understanding your business needs and recommending you the right open source solution to support your business operations.

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