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The popularity and value of PostgreSQL, which was chosen as the database of the year for 2017 and

2018, continues to increase day by day. Many people and institutions that support PostgreSQL,

which has a huge community, continue to add new stars to Postgresql with new extents and new

tools. Recently, all the needs compared to other databases have been increased by PostgreSQL.

It looks like it will find its answer with advanced options.

As the BiSoft team, which has been providing PostgreSQL support to many public and private institutions

for many years, we attach importance to the spread of PostgreSQL both in our country and in the world

and to increase its efficiency. With our ongoing PostgreSQL management experience, in line with the

needs we see, we now meet the needs of advanced auto failover and auditing.

We are excited to announce our software that we have developed to meet.

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MiniPG Agent

MiniPG is a dummy PostgreSQL service. It acts like PostgreSQL.

It is located on PostgreSQL servers and enables BFM Watcher to run administrative

commands on these servers. There is no need for any SSH connection between MiniPG

and servers.

BFM Watcher Agent

BFM Watcher monitors the database servers in the BFM cluster and assigns the appropriate standby

server as the new master when the master server is inaccessible.


It is a HA solution based on BFM proxy. The proxy agent of the solution is BIOXY.

BIOXY is the first point where end user requests are met. End users make requests to the BIOXY server,

not the IP of the database servers. This ensures that the end user is not affected by the IP change in case

of any master fail or switchover that may occur in the database cluster.

In the master standby change that can occur between the BIOXY agent and servers in different

geographies, it ensures that the end user continues on his way without being affected by this change.

Failover between servers in different domains is no longer a problem.

BFM Database Server Cluster

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