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SmartDB Oracle Standard / Enterprise Edition
Replication Solution


Existing standard / enterprise database using archive logs does not bring extra burden and license costs


 If SMTP mail settings are provided by the institution, it reports the difference in production and copy database as daily mail.


Production can store a copy of the database on another server with a near-instantaneous difference (<= 10min).

(If the network bandwith and backup server resources are good)

Thus, if there is a problem in the production database with data loss in 10 minutes or less, the backup database can be activated.


It works with all versions of Oracle 10g and above.


It does not impose a load on the network by using the compression mechanism during the log migration between the Production and Copy database.


It notifies the user by sending an e-mail when the production database is stopped or inaccessible.

(If SMTP mail settings are provided by the institution)