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Award-Winning Project from BiSoft and Genel Energy Partnership


BiSoft, which offers solutions to companies in the field of business intelligence and aims to increase business efficiency through data analysis, is Genel Energy Plc., which is traded on the London Stock Exchange. The project, which he implemented in collaboration, was able to receive an award from OpenWorld held in 2016.  We are proud to have won the Specialized Partner of the Year: Business Analytics, the Specialized Partner of the Year Award in the Business Analytics category.

OpenWorld, Oracle's annual global event in San Francisco, is held in a context where Oracle business partners come together and business strategies are shared, as well as sessions that evaluate the solutions offered by successful business partners.  if we  As BiSoft, we have been selected as the “Business Partner of the Year” in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Asia) region as a result of our 7-year partnership with Oracle.

Our CTO and one of our founding partners, Serdar Güler, for this award we received with the business analytics project we carried out together with Genel Energy, said, “We aimed to meet the reporting expectations of Genel Energy, which has offices in different locations in Turkey and abroad. In addition, we reorganized the data held in many different formats with a creative approach, brought them together in a single data warehouse and made it ready to generate reports with the business intelligence tool. We are delighted that our solution has been recognized by OpenWorld and awarded the top prize in the EMEA region.” he said.

Great Efficiency Achieved in Oil Analysis

As an Ankara-based IT company, we aim to be active in the private sector, both domestically and abroad, as well as the government offices and ministries we work with. We, which serve at the point of storing and analyzing the data of our customers, aim to serve the entire energy and mining sector, especially oil in the private sector.

The product, developed for the UK-based petroleum company Genel Energy, with which we partnered, reads and analyzes the data coming from the sensors, enables the evaluation of this data and supports the decisions in business management. At the same time, thanks to the correct analysis of the values in a region where oil and natural gas studies are carried out, the product guides the decision of creating a production plan and drilling an oil well in the region under investigation. Instantly incoming data can be viewed by the Genel Energy data analysis team, and analysis results can be followed both from the head office and abroad.

Our product, whose R&D was completed in 2 years and is ready to be applied in the field as a result, can also analyze other underground riches. In addition to the data collected in the field, the product, whose implantation has been completed, collects production, sales, financial or engineering data and transfers them to the data warehouse, and can analyze this data at the same time.

General Energy's Accumulated Data Goes Through An Innovative Process

With the product we have developed, the existing data stored in the e-mail environment and collected in MS Excel files can be processed into the new database. For the project, 16 years of Genel Energy's existing data, 90% of which was kept in MS Excel files, was brought together and nearly 3 million field analyzes were carried out. This dataset was gathered under the data warehouse structure and turned into meaningful analyzes. In this way, it was aimed to determine the long and short term policies of the company, along with facilitating access to information and making comparative analyzes.

At the same time, an environment was prepared in which the data obtained from oil fields with and without internet access can be processed together. The developed product reduced the months of data analysis to a few minutes before Genel Energy established a solution partnership with BiSoft. In the project, where Oracle database technologies are used, MS Excel and PDF files sent daily via e-mail are also automatically transferred to the database.

The system can produce meaningful results from MS Excel, MySQL, IoT data, text data, e-mail and even data on paper. Our next goal regarding the product is to reach a point where engineers working in the field can monitor real-time data from their mobile devices. Another goal of ours is to create a structure that can automatically forecast according to production, which will allow the system to warn and take necessary measures in case of data coming out of the confidence intervals.

Important Steps Have Been Taken for the Energy and Petroleum Sector

It is known that if the data is not collected and analyzed properly, there are situations where many investments will be wasted. We continue to work on data analytics in the sector and how profitability can be increased with this data.  This project, which we developed for Genel Energy, has been turned into a Knidos Petrolium Analytica product, which can provide solutions to many companies, especially in the oil and natural gas sector.

With the barrel price of the extracted oil falling by half, it became inevitable for oil and natural gas companies to cut costs. It is known that oil exploration, drilling works and similar operations in these sectors are carried out with high costs such as minimum 10 million dollars and above.

Thanks to the product we have developed as BiSoft, we aim to contribute to minimizing these troublesome and high-cost processes, to significantly reduce the costs in oil and natural gas exploration and production processes, to increase the accuracy of the decisions made, to enrich business analytics with future forecasts, and then to benefit oil companies by generating meaningful data. At the same time, we want to realize global scale and high-volume business partnerships with projects of similar concept.

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