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We develop projects with
specialized work teams


Software projects developed using world technology standards, 
current technology infrastructure and software techniques.

Knidos Petrolium Analytica


Knidos Petrolium Analytica awarded year of the Oracle Business Analytics Partner in EMEA Region in 2016. BiSoft is the first company to receive this award from Turkey.

Thousands of scattered files coming from sensors in oil wells and entered into excel file are transferred to the database with the software we have made, consolidated data, and analyzed under the modules such as production, stock and sales. It monitors daily production values ​​with different parameters such as percentage of water in the well and pressure and enables to monitor performance on a daily basis in the well.


BVS BiSoft Veri Sözlüğü

Nowadays, all institutions / organizations use information systems that produce, collect and share data with other systems in order to manage their services and corporate processes. However, there is no standard in the type of data that corporations have, and the meaning of the data, the way it is stored is up to the software developer's discretion. As a result, corporate memory is reduced to person memory, thus sharing data and integration problems. At this stage, BiSoft Data Dictionary provides the purpose of creating and managing the data that will be used in all application, service, platform and infrastructure layers of the organization in accordance with the specified standard (ISO11179), and aims to increase the integration capabilities and create corporate memory by creating terminology unity.


Akıllı Dağıtım Platformu


The analytical solution we developed with Vispeahen, which includes the reports requested by EPDK distribution companies for distribution companies such as electricity, water and gas.

001_Akıllı Dağıtım Platformu.png

BFM BiSoft Failover Manager

It is a failover manager solution to provide accessibility and continuity in database environments that need to provide continuous service and which do not tolerate interruption.

In PostgreSQL cluster environments, BFM provides uninterrupted service by raising the most appropriate standby server to the master level when the master server is inaccessible.


BiSoft YAY

BiSoft Management Assistant Software has been developed to monitor, direct and record the instructions given by management team. It has also feature of organize appointments and calls. It is available for web, Android and IOS.

Bisoft yay.png


It deals with the recording and reporting of water sensor data from the scene. The client provides a scalable data writing and reporting infrastructure for its sensors. It can be integrated into the writing and reporting of all sensor data.

It can be integrated into the writing and reporting of all sensor data. The data supplied with http is first added to a queue. 
It is then transferred from the tail to the database in stages.




It helps to create analytics reports tailored to the healthcare industry, to quickly return on investment and improve analytics thinking across the enterprise. 

It provides visual, quick and summary analyzes to increase the quality of service, to provide financial efficiency, and to increase operational efficiency by using data to organizations.



Business intellienge and data warehouse solution for retail sector.



Cloud-based pre-paid sales and distribution system.

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