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Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Services

We combine data in a single environment with ETL management and visualize it with business intelligence tools.

Data Warehouse and ETL (Data Transfer) Services

After establishing a corporate data warehouse system, we filter, filter and transform data from different sources and combine them in a single environment with ETL methods. In this way, we ensure that the required data can be accessed accurately, reliably, quickly and interactively.

Our Business Intelligence and Decision Support Systems Services

With the business intelligence systems we have established, visualizations are used to support and accelerate the decision-making processes of managers.  We prepare dashboards and reports. We provide access to them either on the web or on mobile media. 


By consolidating the data of existing scattered applications on a single screen, we allow the administrator to see it. At the same time, we offer access to long-lasting strategic reports within seconds, thanks to the data warehouse system we have built.

We analyze the performance success keys (KPIs) of the business. With our system, we automatically follow these KPIs and create mechanisms that automatically alert if they are below or above a certain threshold.

We are making an early warning system for the business.

Our system examines the data of the enterprise / institution and informs the users of situations that may be irregular according to business processes and require early intervention, without the need for a detailed examination of the end user, by automatic mail / phone.


Our Benefits


The decision-making process is more accurate because it is based on available data rather than instinctively.

Decision-making processes are accelerated as it provides fast access to data.

Inefficient processes are identified and business processes are improved.

Cost reduction is achieved.

Competitive advantage is provided.


Requirements Analysis


Creating Target Performance Indicators


Source System Analysis


Data Warehouse Design


Designing the Data Warehouse Performance Layer


Writing and Testing ETL (Transport) Packages


Bringing the System Live

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