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   Data Integration

​• Extract, transform, load (ETL) or extract, load, transform (ELT) setup and testing.

​• ETL/ELT automation.

​• Data virtualization.

Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence

• Data warehouse and data mart creation and implementation.

• Business intelligence and data analytics infrastructure design and implementation.

   Master and Metadata Management

• Master and metadata management strategy.

• Data source assessment (both internal and external).

• Master and metadata regionalization and de-duplication.

• Standards and metrics for master and metadata quality monitoring.

   Data Quality Management


• Data quality assurance.

• Data cleansing activities to eliminate duplicated, incomplete, erroneous or obsolete data.

• Recommendations on and integration of additional data sources.

   Data Governance


• Data governance strategy design for data availability, quality and security.

• Policies for user roles, rights, responsibilities etc., to ensure data consistency and proper usage.

  Data Migration ​​​

• Sensitive and critical data assessment.

• Creation of Data migration plan.

• Performing of Data migration automation.

• Conducting of Data completeness testing.

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