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Oracle Database Consulting

Installation and Configuration (RAC & Single Instance)

Backup & Restore Tests

Performance Tuning

SQL Tuning



Routine healthchecks and preparing regular analyzing reports

Data guard and Management of Disaster Recovery Center systems

Cloud Management and Cloud Migrations

Database Upgrade 

Single / Cross platform Migration (IBM AIX, SPARC Solaris Linux)

24/7 Support Services


PostgreSQL Database Consulting


Monitoring and optimizing the database performance

Make sure the systems survive around the clock

Identification of relevant alerts on PostgreSQL databases

Proactive avoidance of potential errors

Monitoring log and trace files and taking necessary actions

Regular checks on the healthy functioning of the products, and monthly health check reports

Monitoring the sizing with regular checks 

Performing routine checks 

Proactive management of backups and their logs

Performing backup/restore/recovery operations in critical situations

Periodic retrieval of database table statistics

Transfer of objects in the database between environments and deployment operations

Providing support to the practitioners about database activities when needed

Creation and management of new database users

Management of disaster recovery center systems

MySQL Database Consulting

MySQL Database Administration

Conducting periodic checks of the database,

Database upgrade and patching activities

Monitoring and optimizing database performance

Creation of the procedures for restoring the system from the backups and developing the recovery methods.

Transferring data from one system to another for testing purposes in the specified periods (clone)

Establishing alert mechanisms and sending notices to responsible customer database managers in the requested intervals.

Analyzing the Database Performance Monitoring Reports

Planning for the dimensioning of Database

Consultancy services for future capacity building scenarios


Microsoft SQL Server Database Service

SQL Server Always On Installation, Configuration, Failovering and Management

SQL Server Failover Cluster Installation and Configuration

Log Shipping Setup and Configuration

Mirroring Installation / Configuration and Failover Operations

System Health Checks

Backup and Recovery

Performance Tuning

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