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BiSoft Presented Waterland Product to Users

As BiSoft, we set out with the aim of supporting healthy life by increasing water quality.  It can measure pH, chlorine, temperature and calcium, fluoride, fluoborate, nitrate, bromide, chloride, copper, iodide, silver, ammonium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, lithium.  We have developed the Waterland product, which is a water tracking system with mini sensors that can be added to 15 different value meters.  In this way, we aimed to increase the quality of the water used.

The Waterland water tracking system, which has a new generation energy efficient design that keeps cloud-based data records and can be tracked with mobile access, that is, the system can be easily accessed with a tablet or phone, can visualize the data received from the sensors and report instantly. Tables, graphs and map displays are used to visualize reports.


Will Provide Support to Domestic R&D

The Waterland water monitoring system can instantly monitor the parameters related to water quality. The product also has an early warning mechanism and smart prediction systems.  Waterland, which can be connected to many different sensors, is designed to be integrated into the writing and reporting of all kinds of sensor data.  It also has a customizable and changeable user interface.

The Waterland water tracking system has the feature of providing energy from the sun and wind in cases where there is no energy, which means that the product can be used easily even in inhospitable environments. Waterland water tracking system can perform wireless data communication over mobile lines and has encryption feature for secure transfer of data. With all these features, Waterland has been developed to support domestic R&D studies and it has the target to be transformed into 100% domestic R&D studies.

Can be used in any area with water

The Waterland water tracking system has been designed to be suitable for use in stagnant water environments such as lakes, seas and pools. It also adapts to fluid water environments such as streams and water distribution networks. Waterland is also a water monitoring system product that can be used in special areas such as laboratories and areas with critical security. Waterland has the feature of being integrated with other systems. As BiSoft, we aim to serve all sectors with water with this product.

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